TY: 10 Year T-Note

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Peak Exit Signals

Long and Short Peak exits signal you to take a profit or limit a loss when the symbol is peaking. These signals can appear consecutively during an extended trade run. If you have a premium account, you can use these alerts as a signal to move your stops for better profit-taking.


Trend Bars

Trend Bars show signal patterns in trades with long or short peaks and other indicators, providing trading opportunities. Bold colors indicate strong signals, and the bars appear automatically with each trade signal, triggering custom alerts.


Bold cyan, black, and magenta colors, with a powerful voice announcing "YOU HAVE A SIGNAL!", draw attention to your trading activities. These notifications make multitasking while day trading easier, whether in a LONG or SHORT position.

Trading Classes

Learn day trading with Stronger Trades in four weeks. Beginners and experienced traders welcome. Trade using Stronger Trades Live Stream in regular sessions, exclusively for premium traders.