Free Signals for Index Futures Trading

Know When To Trade

When trading online, knowing when to place your trade can be a hassle. Especially when real money is at stake, no one wants to lose money. Which is why the best traders have a system that chooses the trades for them.

Using A Trading System

We are giving away our trade signals for all to use, and for free. But, please note that the trades we choose are not without risk. These are the same trades our traders use. So, examine them for yourself and see if they can be of value to you.

Is this really free?

Yes. This is a free service for now. 

Although we do ask for your support to help maintain the system, ESPECIALLY if you benefit from it.

Why free?

You may ask: why offer such a valuable service for free when so many others charge a fee? It is because, we believe in the equitable distribution of opportunities for all.

How to get the signals?

Entry signals for our micro-indexes: MES, MNQ, MYM and M2K are free for all. We also provide signals for E-mini (ES, NQ, YM and RTY) and Interest Rates (TU, FV, TY, and US). To get the extra signals and more you'll need to check out our Premium Trader membership. Or, if you're only interested in the Peak Exit signals you can sign-up to be a Basic Trader.

See the results

You can find some of our recent trades listed on our homepage. For a comprehensive list of results, visit the Trade Study, where we provide details on more trades.

Trade Decisions become Crystal Clear

Trade Signals GRID

The Trade GRID, shown on the mobile phone screen, offers centralized notifications for various trading symbols and alerts, all conveniently accessible simultaneously.

Watch Demo (version 2024)

The demonstration video showcases ST-1 and ST-2 indicators, along with a fresh profit-taking approach incorporating customized alerts and ST-1.


Entry Signals

A large, bright screen serves as both an entry indicator and a refresh button. The entry price is adjusted to accommodate the symbol's price gap. The screen is color-coded with cyan indicating Long and magenta for Short positions. Premium account holders can access the entry signal at any point during the trade run.


Peak Exit Signals

Peak exits for Long and Short positions prompt you to capture profits or curtail losses when the symbol reaches its peak. These signals may occur consecutively over an extended trade run. Premium account holders can utilize these alerts to adjust their stops for more effective profit-taking.


Trend Bars

Trend Bars illuminate signal patterns within a trade, utilizing long or short bars in conjunction with other indicators to pinpoint trading opportunities. Weighty bars, filled with bold colors, signify strong signals. Each trend bar appears automatically and can trigger your customized alerts.



Vivid cyan, black, and magenta hues, coupled with a commanding voice declaring "YOU HAVE A SIGNAL!", capture focus on your trading activities. These alerts streamline multitasking during day trading, regardless of whether you're in a LONG or SHORT position.


Trading Classes

Learn day trading with Stronger Trades in just four weeks. Beginners and experienced traders alike are welcome. Trade using the Stronger Trades Live Stream in regular sessions, exclusively designed for premium traders. Additional Saturday classes have been added.