Grasping Trade Signals

Each symbol we has it's own trade signal page where the trend bars are located and custom alerts are managed.  It is also listed on a signal GRID page.

The parts of the signal are defined below:


The 2 or 3 letters and numbers at the top identify the security.

Price and Position

The largest number at the top indicates the recommended entry or exit amount. Following  this is a description of the type of signal, long, short, or peak exit.


Indicates the price movement since the last signal.


This is a signal strength indicator shown as a percentage where the higher the percentage the stronger the trade signal. This indicator is demonstrated as a solid cyan or magenta stripe in a trend bar.


This is the value of the ST-2 momentum indicator. When this indicator crosses zero a special pie indicator appears on the trend bar indicating direction.


The age of the signal, or as shown here the time when the signal occurred.

Trend Bar

A series of bars illustrating the entry and exit signals. These tell the basic story of the price movement over the entire trade through each peak exit opportunity.